Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs

Officers and Chairmen

President Bobette Spear [email protected]
President – Elect Tawana Teague [email protected]
State Treasurer Barbara Hildebrand [email protected]
Middle TN Division Vice President Andra Mays
West TN Division Vice President TBA
East TN Division Vice President Jeanette Hawk [email protected]
Recording Secretary Leah A Taylor [email protected]
Historian Sallye Zeringue [email protected]
Immediate Past President Dr. Janie Gilliam [email protected]
TFMC State News Gatherer TBA
TFMC Chaplain Dayna Camp [email protected]
TFMC Parliamentarian Mary Ellen Nolletti [email protected]
State Representative to NFMC Board Mary Ellen Nolletti [email protected]
TFMC Member at Large Barbara Hildebrand [email protected]
Appointed Representative West TN Anita Price [email protected]
Liability Ins. Chairmen Barbara Hildebrand [email protected]

TFMC Junior Division

TFMC State Junior Counselor Lara Lawrence [email protected]
Junior Festivals Chairman Lara Lawrence [email protected]
National Music Week Chairman Mary Ellen Nolleti [email protected]
National Music Week Essay Contest Mary Ellen Nolleti [email protected]

Juniors may enter only the Festival
Auditions in their home district.

District Junior Festival Chairmen

Angie Smith [email protected]
Clarksville Simone Parker [email protected]
Johnson City Jeanette Hawk [email protected]
Knoxville Lara Lawrence [email protected]
Anita Price [email protected]
Barbara Hildebrand [email protected]

Junior Composition Chairman

Dr. Jerome Reed [email protected]

Music in Poetry Chairman

Caleb Hogan [email protected]

Southeastern Regional Officers

SER Vice President Sandra Anderson
SER Secretary Karen Hendron  [email protected]
SER Treasurer Joel Adams [email protected]