Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs

NFMC Festival Cup Program

Purpose: The NFMC Festival Cup Program offers additional incentives to all entrants in the NFMC Festivals Program. Festival Cups are awarded on a point system based on the area festival ratings. Participation is optional.

Eligibility: Any participant entering an event (including the Junior Composers’ Contest and the Musicianship Event) listed in the Festivals Bulletin is eligible to enter the NFMC Festival Cup Program.

Point System: Points are based on the area festival ratings.
Superior, 5 points
Excellent, 4 points
Satisfactory, 3 points
Fair, 2 points
Needs Improvement, 1 point

Senior Concerto or Sonata/Concerto Events earn points as follows:
Superior, 8 points
Excellent, 7 points
Satisfactory, 5 points
Fair, 3 points
Needs Improvement, 1 point

Junior entrants will receive gold cups; adult entrants will receive silver cups.

Accumulation of Points: When a total of fifteen (15) points has been earned, the First Festival Cup is awarded. For each additional fifteen points, the next larger cup is awarded:

First Cup, 6″cup, 15 points
Second Cup, 8″ cup, 30 points
Third Cup, 10″ cup, 45 points
Fourth Cup, 12″ cup, 60 points
Grand Cup, 14″ cup, 75 points
President’s Cup, 15″ cup, 90 points

All points counted toward a Festival Cup must be earned in the same event. For exceptions, please see pages 7-9 of the NFMC Festivals Bulletin 2011-2012-2013. This bulletin is copyrighted. All teachers entering students in the Festival should have their own copy. Write to National Headquarters (National Federation of Music Clubs, 1646 Smith Valley RD, Greenwood, IN 46142) to order a copy–telephone (317) 882-4003; FAX: (317) 882-4019 or go to the NFMC Publications page.