Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs

The Trophy of Menus Cookbook is here!!!

“Bucks for Brevard” was adopted as the campaign slogan for the SE Region scholarship. The Trophy of Menus Cookbook was published to raise money for a SE Region student to attend Brevard summer music camp.

2013-10-26 20.20.24

The format of this cookbook continues our “bucks” theme. We have used “deer” dialect in selecting our categories. Our members wanted a different cookbook…not just one with recipes; so we came up with the idea of menus. In our SE Region Cookbook Index, you will find our clever categories. Herd Menus are family favorites; Doe Brunches, Luncheons, and Teas are mainly ladies’ favorites; Stag Menus interest men; Fawn Menus are children friendly; Whitetail’s Holiday Menu are special occasion meals; Herd Winter Stash include summer bounty saved for fall and winter; Deer Trough include beverages; The Big Hunt- State to state include our friend’s favorite menus/recipes from other states; Extra Points are actually single recipes sent not in menu form from members or friends; and last but not least, Trophy Room Recipes are out treasured vintage recipes.

Contact Barbara Hildebrand to order your cookbook.

If mailed send check payable to: Bucks for Brevard in the amount of $25.00